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Order Register was conceived after many years of a need for a program that connected production and fulfillment process for the wholesale business into one CLOUD software program. The Internet is a powerful liberalizing tool that has changed the way the fashion world functions. The plan of Order Register is to connect all aspects of the fashion world in 20 different languages, starting with the wholesale clothing industry and expanding into the shoe, gift, accessory, cosmetic, hair, and furniture industries. Order Register is a ERP {Enterprise Resource Planning}, CRM {customer relationship management} is principally an integration of business management practices and modern technology. Information Technology (IT) integrates with the core business processes to streamline and accomplish specific business objectives in a cloud environment. The benefit of Order Register is that it will give your company global presence and the ability to move data and transact business throughout the world via the Internet. The data is stored in a secure cloud environment where all parties concerned can share access to real time information in different languages in a global environment, instead of four walls. Order Register cloud computing technology will connect all tasks such as ordering, customer service, credit and online sales to the user simply through an Internet connection. Anyone that feels that they have been passed by in the technological revolution will be happy to be a part of this simple and inexpensive process of Order Register’s cloud computing. A cloud platform is a virtual data center without the physical complexity and high maintenance costs. It is made up of a collection of strategic scalability. Whether you choose to run one or one thousand applications, you will never have to worry about configuring or optimizing anything since everything is done automatically for you behind-the-scenes. You don’t ever have to worry about paying for additional server hardware, network switches or additional software. This software will run from cloud servers that you access for a monthly fee instead of buying expensive software and hardware

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