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Show People You’re Ready For Business

If you haven't visited Order Register in a while.There are some quick things you can do to build interest in your business:

Adding business info to your Dashboard helps customers discover you and see what your business is about. Make sure all the parts of your Dashboard are completed and keep new and existing customers engaged by including profile picture, cover photo, website address, and about section.

Create a profile that is right for your business, customers and Order Register

Order Register Basics

The best way to reach people is to go where they are and build your audience:
  • Invite members who are genuinely interested in your business
  • Invite your existing customers
  • Promote your company to reach all-new audiences on Order Register.

Post a new update or photo

               Listing details—like hours and contact infodding big, beautiful photos and images

  • Posting updates to let people know the latest about your business
  • Reach more people by boosting your posts
  • Create offers or events 
  • Embed a post on your website
  • Translate your posts into different languages

Create basic posts

Just start typing where it says “What are you up to on you Dashboard?”
Your update can be about anything you think customers will be interested in—like announcing a sale or photos of a new product. Post about offers, events or milestones for your business.  All your posts are visible on your Page and may show up in the News Feeds of people who like your Page. Keep new and existing customers engaged.

Show posts by location or language

If your customers are all over the world or speak different languages, you can set your post to appear just for them.*

Invite members to be one of your business contact

You can also invite people you currently do business with. Just upload the email addresses of the people you’d like to invite, and they’ll get an email inviting them to be a part of your contacts on Order Register. You can also securely import your contacts from popular email services like  Outlook, G mail, Yahoo and more. Order Register allows you to establish a presence for your business, brand or organization and connect with people.
Order Register can help your large, medium or small business grow your internet presents.
Thanks for your support
Sam Alexander CEO

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