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Concept 2 Consumption (C2C) Fashion and Technology is an Austin, TX-based business providing its clients with access to a revolutionary fashion ecosystem.  C2C is the vision of industry veteran, Samuel Alexander. By coupling more than three decades in fashion—with his experience leveraging technology— Alexander positions his clients to take advantage of the ever-evolving fashion industry. His latest creation, C2C, is a Global Fashion and Technology Ecosystem. 

C2C  Fashion and Technology enterprise is focused on reinventing the fashion industry through a unique integration of fashion, technology, medical and the arts. Our company endeavors not only to develop domestic production, but also to do so in an ecologically-sound and technologically-progressive way. Simply stated:  Our goal is to be the leader in fashion technology focusing on nano and bio-technology smart fashion. 

C2C Business Connect is  the business to business (B2B) platform; C2C V-Shop is the business to consumer (B2C) platform,  C2C Business Builder  is the ERP business network platform that will Integration all of end users' into one secure seamless networks, while providing the ability to transact business in real time. These three  integrated platforms enable businesses willing to harness the disruptive nature of technology to improve their competitive advantage in the global fashion industry with one complete ecosystem.


C2C Co-Lab provides Co-Lab incubation to fashion and technology-related startups

With our partners from private industry, government and education, C2C is building a creative company characterized by organizing, collaboration, incubation, and acceleration that will serve as model for the global fashion industry.  If you are interested in exploring how you might join in the collaboration, please contact me directly.





Sam Alexander CEO

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Many factories contact me daily to try and start a relationship with my company for production. Most do not understand that they have to change their business practice to do business in the new era. I have factories that I have great relationships with to do large order 20,000  to 50,000 units but need factories that understand the new growth will come from the integration of other industries such as technology, medical and art into the fashion industry.

The days of a factory just getting an order and producing is over. We will need factories that are willing to do 100 t0 300 unit runs on production to help with the development of new ideas in developing new products. The average development time for some of these products take three to six months just to develop but the reward is a higher quality product that give the factory a higher profit per unit.

We also need factories that have new technology such as sublimation printing, 3d digital printing, and new fibers as they are developed. we need factories with new business development ideas.

Please see the above business chart on how we are making the change of era to develop new business markets. if you feel you are willing to change and move in to the new business era please contact us. We are focus on developing new companies here in the United State that are incorporating fashion, technology, medical, and the arts into new marketable products.

Thank You for your interest

Sam Alexander

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