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Concept 2 Consumption Fashion and Technology

  C2C is a fashion technology enterprise  focused on reinventing the fashion industry through a unique integration of fashion, technology, medical and the arts. Located in Austin, TX, our company endeavors not only to develop domestic production, but also to do so in an ecologically-sound and technologically-progressive way. Our goal is to be the leader in fashion technology focus on nano and bio-technology smart fashion. 

Please contact us of any interest in being a partner of our future. The project is developing a new  phase of smart fashion. Currently, we have partners representing private industry, government and education. And, the overarching goal of this C2C is to build a creative company characterized by collaboration, incubation, and acceleration that will serve as model for the global fashion industry.

As you might imagine, each partner will contribute resources in accordance with its core strengths. Thus, as to the specific contributions that your company could make certainly remains open for discussion. I suggest we discuss the ways in which your company might be interested in contributing  and learning about C2C projects. Of course C2C would welcome financial support, assistance with labs, product development, education and training resources, etc. However, collaboration on all levels is the core mission of the C2C, so the specifics of a partnership would need to be further explored at your convenience.

Samuel Alexander-Founder/CEO

C2C Fashion and Technology

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 I am going to begin blogging a bit about the many aspects of apparel manufacturing. I will begin with an overview!

Apparel Manufacturing is a complex system. There are multiple many faceted and integrated components that go into making each and every single piece of clothing. Each individual design has its own back story and history. 

I think that one of the biggest challenges for a company like Blue Moon Apparel Manufacturing Services, which deals with new clients who may have absolutely zero industry experience, is to convey to our clientele the complexity of what we do and trying to make this "monster" understandable.

Every garment begins with an idea and ends with a prototype and eventually a "Sales Sample". The in-between days are often a winding twisting road on which every facet of bringing an idea to fruition must be planned plotted and aligned. Most often, as with all complex systems, perfect alignment is a tenuous thing. 

When an idea goes into production first a sketch is made to make sure that the client and the pattern maker are in agreement about what the final result will look like and how it should fit. Blue Moon has a list of questions that each client is asked to make sure that we comprehend what is needed. The second step is deciding what the sample size should be and whether a fit model is warranted.

When a pattern is completed the garment is sewn up in a muslin or plain knit, whichever is appropriate. Fittings begin and adjustments to the pattern are made. 

While the patterning process is ongoing; we begin to choose fabrics, findings, trims and thread. We also begin to narrow down the MSRP so that we can determine what level of "finish out" the "Sales Samples" and the line will have.

When all of the resources are chosen, sourcing begins. It is rare that all of the resources come from one mill, knit house or importer/converter. This is one of the most complex pieces of the puzzle. Multiple calls, emails and possible sourcing trips are made. It is important to source fabrics and all of the trims/findings at a reasonable price and of a quality that is up to the level of the goal MSRP.

As resources begin to make their way to Austin Texas, we focus on specific findings and sewn goods needs. What sort of buttons, what type of zippers, colors and quantities. We also decide which color and thread Tex to use.

We search through charts that look like the ones below until we find the right thread for our garments. (please click on the link to see a production thread chart)

As we have multiple ongoing projects each client's project circulates through our production schedule. We have a goal date that we aim for but, as with any complex system, we can have any number of circumstances that require us to adjust the goal date.

Sadly manufacturing is not a linear process in that if we have a delay of dry goods or the client wants additional fittings or changes made to the pattern or is unable to make a scheduled fitting the project revolves back to the 1st opening on our schedule.

Imagine this with a dozen projects!

Currently we are experiencing multiple delays due to the Long Beach Longshoreman's Strike. We are even now negotiating having certain findings flown in at, additional cost, from manufactures in China, Korea and Taiwan.

Today our entire schedule crashed when a power transformer blew out in our area leaving multiple businesses without electricity. I will spend the rest of the afternoon shifting and rearranging the projects with human resource availability and the remaining projects and deadlines for the week.

The madness of manufacturing makes my soul sing!
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