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Samuel Alexander

Concept 2 Consumption (C2C) is an Austin, TX-based business providing its clients with access to a revolutionary fashion and technology ecosystem.  C2C is the vision of industry veteran, Samuel Alexander, who has more than three decades of experience using technology to position his clients to take advantage of the ever-evolving global fashion industry.  Alexander is making his global contacts—with world-class specialty retailers, department stores, manufacturers, factories, mills, and trade commissions—available to businesses willing to harness the disruptive nature of technology to improve their competitive advantage.
C2C delivers expert guidance:  Project Management; Product Design/Development; Global Sourcing/ Production; Strategic Branding/Marketing; and, Technology Integration, including Wearable Technology.
We provide expert guidance and support for a broad range of businesses—whether a fledgling designer or an established manufacturer or retailer, C2C can provides expert consulting, production, and marketing services through its state-of the-art business to business (B to B) and business to consumer (B to C) Order Register platforms.

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Upcoming Releases for Order Register In Development

We will continue to improve and develop Order Register to make it the best ecosystem for business. These are projects that we're building right now to help you communicate with clients, and market and develop your products.

New Products Updates

1.Activity Updates

2.Options for showing additional items in the feed and for leaving status updates.


4.A new way of organizing longer content pieces

5.Forum Notifications

6.Ability for members to opt into receiving notifications of new discussions in a forum.

In Planning

1.These are projects that we're drawing up plans and specifications for.

2.Profile Page Options

3.Options for your members to select a background for their page, and the ability for NCs to add a user-editable textbox on profile pages.

Future Plans

These are projects we're collecting information about and that will move into planning as we finish the projects that are in development. These are not listed by priority or their potential order.

Video Embeds, Chat, Events, Search, Moderator Roles, and more.

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