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Hi, my name is Lucy Smith, and we are going to discuss dress code for American weddings. When you attend an American wedding you really want to look your best. So you want to go shopping and you want to find something that you feel good in, that's very modest, very appropriate but also very pretty. You want to feel comfortable in the dress that you are wearing because you will be meeting a lot of people, you'll be sitting through a ceremony and then afterwards you'll be partying, hugging, kissing, dancing so you really want something that is comfortable as well as pretty. Beside me I have Savannah and she's modeling a very appropriate and very pretty dress. It's made of silk shantung and it's a beautiful soft shade of blue. It's perfectly appropriate for an American wedding because it's modest and she is not sticking out in the crowd. She's very nicely covered and she looks very pretty. That's your goal and I do believe she's comfortable too. She looks great.
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