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Our vision is to provide a global infrastructure for fashion technology entrepreneurs where professionals and creative thinkers from a wide range of backgrounds explore the boundaries between art, science and technology.

This is a participant-driven organization where all will be encouraged to collaborate and thrash out new ideas for materials and technology, and find ways to generate innovation and collaboration to create fashionable, functional, comfortable solutions to meet everyday needs, whether it’s in sports & fitness, outdoor & leisure, home & leisure, home care or health care.

We are early adopters of a digital revolution that is transforming the fashion industry. We have the drive and capability to make smart fashion technology concepts into reality.


To push the limits of both fashion and technology to make life more convenient by providing interactive clothing suitable for commercial and everyday use.
To invent these technologies and advance the industries that will define generations to come.


Identify and consolidate opportunities that combine wearables with the technology, medical, music, film, and home furnishings industries.
To become a world leader in combining fashion and technology and bring these products to market.
For Austin to have a foothold in this global industry (fashion/tech) and to have a collective voice.

Strategies  (THE HOW.  Explains how the initiative will reach its objectives. Strategies encompass people and resources. They can be very broad or very specific.)

Provide and continuously nurture a trusted environment that provides the single best setting for bringing ideas to life.  We want to empower everyone to soar out of the confines of uniformity and consistency.
Create an inventive culture that will thrive and grow with every new idea to understand new market opportunities and to leverage existing ideas and technologies that enable these opportunities.  We embrace uncertainty and leverage our innovative ideas to create inventions that will change the world.
Create a collaborative environment to connect with peers and experts for valuable feedback, insights and discussions that trigger additional thoughts to enhance and develop new ideas through integrated solutions.
To identify new ideas and opportunities in these industries that are socially responsible

Short Term –
Organize and establish our organization
Formalize relationships with key entities including state, local, federal, educational and commercial.
Secure a physical space (via government entity)
Identify products to take to market within the first XX months.
Seek out channel partners that can take products to market by providing consumer outlets.

Long Term –
To establish a global fashion and technology business in Austin.
Set up our organization to be self-sustaining.
Provide accessibility for entrepreneurs and inventors with marketable concepts.
Identify retail/pop up/expo opportunities to sell products:  temporary and/or permanent

Tagline  Where Inspiration Lives.

Philosophy / Ethos

Inclusive:  We foster and champion a collaborative (synergistic) environment that pushes ideas and inspires our entire community of thinkers.
Integrity:  We are an honest collaborative effort that has one unified agenda: making each others ideas the strongest they can be.
Reward:  We want our people to take pride in knowing they are part of a program that allows them to pursue that passion in the most positive environment possible.


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  • Press Release for Immediate Distribution

    For additional information, please contact
    Lisa Chappell Miller 540-525-6388 (Austin, TX) or email

    September 11, 2015 Austin, Texas

    TECH+STYLE GLOBAL (aka T+SG) has been formed in order to facilitate Austin City Council Resolution-111, dated Aug 7, 2014. Resolution-111 directed the Austin City Council to conduct a study of the potential economic impact of the fashion industry for the city of Austin. The study, now complete, is scheduled to be released to the public late 2015.

    TECH+STYLE GLOBAL has developed a strategic plan to move forward the city council’s initiative of creating a world-class fashion industry and jobs in Austin and is seeking global partners. The inclusive plan promotes all disciplines of fashion and includes everything from designer couture to medical wearables, R&D for fibers, wearable tech and home furnishings. The TS+G strategic plan has received strong support in initial meetings with city officials and the business community.

    TECH+STYLE GLOBAL was founded by industry experts Sam Alexander, Linda Asaf, Benson Roberts, lll, Alison Espindola and Lisa Chappell Miller. TS+G is meeting with business leaders and industry experts to serve as board members and to provide input for both the Austin based Fashion Incubator and Accelerator. T+SG is currently seeking office and/or creative space in Austin for the Incubator headquarters.


    TECH+STYLE GLOBAL is a key partner working with the City of Austin, local business leaders and industry experts to create an inclusive, world-class fashion industry, based in Austin, Texas. TS+G is providing a global infrastructure for fashion technology entrepreneurs where professionals and creative thinkers from a wide range of backgrounds can come together and explore the boundaries between art, science and technology.

    TECH+STYLE GLOBAL identifies and consolidates opportunities that combine technology, medical, music, film and home furnishings industries. TS+G is establishing Austin's foothold in this global industry (fashion/tech) through a collective voice.

    TECH+STYLE GLOBAL is the resource to bring together Austin's early adopters of a digital revolution that is transforming the fashion industry. We in Austin have the drive and capability to make smart fashion technology and practice concepts into reality.
    TechStyle Global
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