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You know that hair colour that looks so gorgeous, so flawless, it's easy to forget that it was created at the hands of a colourist and not God himself? That's colour melting. Different from balayage and ombré, the colour cascades flawlessly down the hair shaft from roots to ends, creating the perfect range of colour without any signs of demarcation. It's technically a form of highlighting, but instead the shades are placed in order to blend together instead of pop.

Celebrity colourist and Olaplex ambassador Chad Kenyon, who has coloured hair for the likes of Ashley Tisdale and Abigail Spencer, suggested this look for cosy weather. "Most, if not all, of my clients go brighter during the Summer months, and many of them don't want to do balayage right away," he said. "They want to tame the regrowth but keep a softer look. A colour melt is what I prescribe in these cases."

Colourist Brooke Benton elaborated: "Colour melting is the fluid and seamless blending of any colour combination imaginable, unlike traditional ombré techniques."

Colour melting works on a variety of shades, from rich brunettes, baby blonds, and dimensional reds to rainbow hues. It really depends on the colour you're looking to achieve.

The process is similar to balayage in that it's usually a demipermanent colour process done on top of balayage. "What I'll usually do is a balayage of the whole head, and then I'll go in and choose a tone between the root colour and the balayage to marry the two," said Kenyon. "It doesn't look as stark. It also adds depth and makes you look fresher, younger."

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