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Leading the way for sustainable luxury in Malta

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La Vie is a new pop-up boutique featuring a selection of products from high-end sustainable brands Marina Vaptzarova, Kaligarh and LikeMary.

These products tell a story of skilled craftsmen, handmade touches and natural, sustainable fabrics and focus on creating pieces that will last a lifetime.

The shop is all about sustainable luxury – a concept which big brand names, such as Gucci, Stella McCartney and H&M, are already on board with. Sustainable luxury is the future. It is not an eco-friendly product seeking a premium image but instead, it is a luxury product with sustainable values. It is another option to saving the planet since we would be channelling our purchasing power to where we might do the least harm – by buying sustainable luxury goods.

Sustainable luxury offers people fulfilment of their individual desires by introducing better consumer choices. All products are handmade using materials that are only harvested and extracted by hand, and all paper off-cuts are recycled. In this way, very little energy is needed for fabrication and waste is reduced to a minimum.

Almost all materials used in production are derived from Nepal’s natural plant life. Production is entirely carried out by Nepalese artisans using traditional techniques in its fabrication procedures, therefore supporting the conservation of Nepalese craftsmanship. In all operations, the companies are mindful to avoid the use of materials that are not recyclable or compostable.

Each and every one of us can contribute to a sustainable world by our daily choices in the products we use and purchase; from the type of jewellery worn to the book you write in.

Visit La Vie at The Plaza, Level 1, Bisazza Street, Sliema to experience first hand what sustainable fashion is all about and the passion behind these brands.Read more at:formal dresses adelaide

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