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Going back to one’s roots

“There seems to be a lack of sensitivity and humility among human beings these days. Hence, it is important to go back to one’s roots,” said celebrity fashion designer Sanjana Jon, as she sat by the pool of the Casino Hotel, which was the venue for the Kochi International Fashion Week (December 15-17). She had come to participate in the event.

“I love the organic feel of Kerala and its fabrics. It reminds me of my roots,” said the designer, who is originally from Nagercoil. For the show, her models walked down the runway with clothes which were friendly to the women in Kerala. “There were two types of pieces that we show-cased -- Western dresses and Indo-Western skirts and blouses,” said Sanjana. “Keeping in mind the organic and traditional nature of Kerala, they are set in light pastel tones such as white, beige and golden colours.”

According to the US and Delhi-based designer, the state is not just beautiful, but also inspirational because it is still traditional, unlike many northern states. “Today’s culture in Kerala is to go back towards the organic, environment-friendly approach. This show is all about those roots that need to be promoted,” Sanjana said.

As a designer, Sanjana has a clear aim. “I am focused on fashion with a heart. It is not just about looking pretty but feeling good about being human,” she said. “My shows are always dedicated to celebrating womanhood. I think fashion is the best connecting factor to reach out to people.”

Sanjana is also a social activist by heart. Since the beginning of her career in the early 2000s, Sanjana was known for fashion shows dedicated to ending female foeticide and animal slaughter in India.

“In 2002, during the early days of my career, I was called to the US to promote leather,” she said. “And for this, I was taken to many leather factories. I was shocked to see animals being slaughtered mercilessly just for their skin and fur. I decided that I don’t want to look better wearing these clothes. We have enough options. And there began my fight because animals also have a right to live peacefully.”

As a testament to her works, she received the International Woman of Courage award on World Human Rights Day. She was also awarded the Stardust Global Icon Award and Stardust Global Achievers Award. In May, she was conferred an honorary doctorate in philanthropy and fashion by King’s University in the USA.

Apart from all this, Sanjana wears her heart on her sleeves when it comes to dogs. She has adopted 360 dogs, of which 60 live with her. “Everybody wants the ‘pedigree babies’ but my dogs were all strays,” she said. “We sterilise them and give them a loving shelter. I cannot stand it when people hurt and tease these innocent animals.” Meanwhile, on the career front, Sanjana is working to create a line of wraps for both men and women.Read more at:formal dresses australia | formal dresses melbourne

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