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Fashion Industries Council of Austin (FICA)

Fashion Industries Council of Austin

For clarity: Resolution 111 and the entire initiative has three main components. First there is F.I.C.A. which is our effort to establish an official city wide Fashion Industries Council of Austin.

FICA will be to serve as an umbrella to advise on, facilitate and promote the development of a cohesive, coordinated citywide initiative, resources and support to increase professional opportunities for Austin’s fashion industries, business retention, growth and the success of Austin fashion designers.

Fashion Industries Council of Austin Function and Goals:
● To facilitate the growth of the Fashion Industry in Austin by fostering local design entrepreneurs comprehensive, an advanced and integrated range of business support, development and resources.
● To create and coordinate industry policy as a function within Austin city departments to maintain and strengthen the Fashion Council and an Textile-Apparel District and Coalition.
● To oversee, support and cultivate relationships between fashion industry professionals, develop and implement educational programs, utilize cross-media sources.
● Increase public and industry awareness of and support for fashion in Austin with greater promotion of current industry programs and resources.
● To advance the Austin fashion industry and expand the economy by cultivating relationships between fashion professionals, students, community leaders, organizations, retailers (local, national and global).
● To establish and facilitate national and international promotion of and a "Passport Designer" program for select fashion incubator designers in residence.
● To create and facilitate apparel market trade shows.

2. Under F.I.C.A. will be T.A.M.I.C.A. (pronounced Tah MY Kah) the Textile & Apparel Manufacturing Industries Coalition of Austin which also includes establishing A Textile & Apparel Manufacturing District:

T.A.M.I.C.A.'s function and goals will be:
● To create an advisory panel of diverse and experienced industry professionals in the textile and apparel manufacturing industries.
● To identify ideal areas and properties in Austin to support an Apparel and Manufacturing District
● To establish an Apparel District composed of vertical industry components.
● To train, create and sustain a skilled labor force to execute and deliver local designs and textile products to market in Austin and beyond.
● To implement an advanced technology manufacturing system that will create and maintain jobs in related industries.
● To provide a cooperative environment to grow local brands to a level of long term sustainable success.
● To promote Austin globally as a hub for apparel design and manufacturing innovation.
● To implement and support mechanisms that foster wholesale markets, buyers and apparel retail trades.
● To attract a variety of new and different apparel and textile production businesses to the Austin area and Apparel District.
● Support existing fashion industry related businesses with like-minded ideas to foster the growth initiatives listed above.

3. The creation of a main Fashion Incubator and Workroom-Studio Facility — aka the Austin Fashion Incubator (AFI).

Mission and Goals of AFI:
A business development program and facility to support, elevate and sustain Austin’s new and emerging designers (fashion, jewelry and other accessories) and their businesses year round over one year and two-year residency programs.

Austin Fashion Incubator Goals:
● Provide business development, technical support, professional mentoring and production training for new and emerging fashion designers, artisans and brands.
● The AFI will provide a professional facility to nurture the talents and skills sets of selected member designers.
● Offer low-cost studio space (shared and private), access to professional sewing equipment,
● business mentoring, technology, educational workshops and presentations, collective showroom
space and networking opportunities.
● Provide fashion designers with the tools to become successful entrepreneurs and employers.

If anyone, especially media and press have any questions about FICA, TAMICA or AFI or any aspect of this initiative, please contact the core Think Tank Committee at the number in the About Us section

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