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pandora schmuck kaufen to prominence at a time when the American economy was in decline, and it continues to be immensely popular. "The retail landscape permanently conditioned consumers to expect lower price points or steep discounts after the recession," says Steve Barr, a retail analyst with PricewaterhouseCoopers. "Folks who found Pandora became used to the affordable price point, and since then, shoppers have had a totally different perspective on value." 

What makes pandora schmuck günstig online so striking is that they're a clever reimagining of the clunky charms of decades past. "The charms from my childhood were these big dangling things that were hard to get on a bracelet and had to be opened with a tweezer," says Leanne Wu, the Seattle-based charm bracelet enthusiast behind the blog Charms Addict. "They weren't elegant. But then Pandora introduced a product that was low-profile yet fashionable and easy to get on and off, and it brought back all the excitement for the charm bracelet." 

Pandora retires slow-selling pandora charms online kaufen twice a year, and according to Wu, who has an entire section on her blog dedicated to rare charms, there's an appetite among fans for these discontinued items. Pandora fans often buy, sell, and trade on Facebook — one fan group that's based in Malaysia has close to 16,000 members, and another one in Australia has close to 10,000 — or search eBay for rare charms.Pandora used to release new collections twice a year, but in 2013, the company began debuting new jewelry seven times a year, with collections spaced less than two months apart. Bloomberg speculated that the company was taking a cue from fast fashion retailer Zara, which rolls out new product every two weeks. 

To understand what people know about pandora armband kaufen, you need to visit its stores. The interiors are white and clean, which Burger says is meant to "remind you a bit of our Scandinavian heritage — it's clean and is an inviting environment to shop in."While Pandora is testing how this technology performs in the Westfield store, it is also experimenting with a less formal shopping experience. In one area of the store, shoppers can pick out charms on their own without the aid of a store associate. 

While wholesale accounts with independent jewelry stores helped Pandora conquer the market during the recession, Burger says the company is no longer interested in being in as many stores as possible. Instead it's focused on being able to control how pandora armband günstig is sold through Pandora's own stores and through partnerships with more exclusive retailers.

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